Comfortable with the home inspection process? 1st Stop

How much you know about the home inspection process?

When I bought my home I did not know much about the home inspection process. Heck, I didn’t know much about the process of buying a home but like many other home buyers and owners, we are all excited, full of anxiety, and tons of other emotions as we sought our first purchase or next purchase.

The home inspection is a critical portion of the home purchase process. Never crossed my mind until my realtor informed me we had to get a home inspection after our offer was accepted. There are a couple of typical ways that a home inspector is hired. You can google search words such as:

  • home inspector near me
  • home inspection
  • home inspectors in Broward
  • home inspectors in Miami
  • home inspectors in West Palm Beach


your realtor may provide you with a few choices of known home inspectors in your area that they are familiar with. You make your decision on the method that you want to take to seek a home inspector. Your home inspection is scheduled and now you have to make another decision.

Should you attend the home inspection process?

Most inspection companies or inspectors, realtors, and others will suggest that you attend your home inspection. When you attend the home inspection you are able to follow nearby as your inspector diligently goes through over 1000 possible defects and applies to build science to discover issues that may arise or are happening throughout the property. At this time the inspector can show you items and you can ask questions about the property and the process as it happens or at the end during the debrief.

Comfortable with the home inspection process? 1st Stop 1

If you are unavailable to attend in most cases the inspector will answer questions by phone, email, or video conference. Today there are multiple ways to do follow-up communications.

The home inspection process is a snapshot of the current conditions of the property, properties’ mechanicals and can also contain suggested actions to mitigate possible damage to the property in the near future. If no major items are found that needs to be address is great but before we celebrate and toss the home inspection report to the side it should be used to build a punch list of actions to take once you have taken ownership of the property to continue to maintain and/or improve the property.

What are some things that should be done once your home inspection process and the home purchase is complete? Yes! You made it to the closing table and now it’s moving time soon. Here are some starters as you move into your new home.

Service all major components and keep a service schedule at least annually for or as a recommendation by the manufacturer:

  1. Roof, caulking, and closing any openings in the building as needed.
  2. HVAC Equipment – cleaning and maintenance
  3. Plumbing – caulking, cleaning, and maintenance (did you perform a sewer scope of your property? should be considered for every property)
  4. Electrical – have electrician review, service, and update as needed
  5. Landscaping – service, and maintenance (remove or trim were needed to protect the property)

We are all excited to decorate and make our new home our own no matter new construction or retail property, but when we prioritize the building getting the servicing and maintenance started and schedule as needed you will enjoy your new home and have the confidence that your new investment is ready for the environmental conditions and wear and tear to come.

If you have additional questions and want to get in contact with GGR Home Inspections please send us a note, text, or call.