Choosing Approved Windstorm Products? Cat 5

How do you prepare your home for hurricane season with windstorm products? Living in Florida in general you will deal with a hurricane at some point and you a most likely considering some type of windstorm product to protect your property. There are several products that you can choose from. The…


Home Buyers Need These People When Buying A Home?

Congrats! You have decided to become a home buyer. After you decide how you want to pay for your next property purchase. What do the next steps and the services you need to complete your purchase look like? Step 1 – Getting Pre-Approved Prior to Shopping for a Home. ... Step 2…


Approved Roof Systems in Florida HVHZ

The roof is one of the most popular components of discussion for a home in Florida and definitely a top component in the HVHZ zones which are Miami Dade. Broward and Palm Beach County. HVHZ stands for High-Velocity Hurricane Zones and is about the Florida Building code. If you live in…


4 Point Inspection vs Full Home Inspection

4 Point Inspection vs Full Home Inspection? I have received questions asking whether the client should get a 4 point inspection vs a full inspection and my answer will always be the same or similar. "What are you trying to achieve and how much risk are you willing to take?" 4…

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4 Point vs Full Home Inspection

Explaining the Wind Mitigation Form

Wind mitigation inspector explains form OIR-B1-1802: defined as a form that the insurance company uses to determine the stability of a homes' construction in the event of strong winds. In many cases, a homeowner can submit the results of their wind mitigation inspection to the insurer and obtain discounts on homeowners'…


Buying A Home With Wind Mitigation Protection

Wind_Mitigation_Sample Report: If you have been involved in the home buying process at some point in Florida then you are most likely familiar with the terms wind mitigation protection. In short, wind mitigation protection is the amount of protection that the openings on a building have. If they have the protection…


4 Point Inspection, What No One Tells You

Though 4 point inspections and wind mitigation inspections are very common inspections in Florida, many still have no idea what they are and their purpose. We hope to give some additional insight with this article below. What is a 4 Point Inspection?  A 4 Point inspection in Florida is an inspection…

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4 major components of the home inspected