4 Point Inspection Cost

4 Point Inspection Cost


How much does a 4 point inspection cost?:

Florida is unique for many reasons and draws plenty of newcomers to the state to live because of its uniqueness. We typically think about the beach, fun in the sun, or even the nightlight of South Florida but for Floridians that have become homeowners the 4 point inspection is another unique item of Florida. The basic answer to how does a 4 point inspection cost is the average cost for the inspection is $100 to $175. There is a swing in cost because there are new companies that enter the home inspection industry every day and the competition grows for business. With that being said, the cheaper inspector may not always be the better option. The 4 inspection is not just a form to be completed and sent to the insurance company without a proper inspection completed. When a home inspector offers the services for a discounted rate the home inspector has to make more stops and guess what happens when the home inspector needs to make more stops, the quality of the work is impacted. 4 Point Inspection Cost: Here are some things to consider when seeking a home inspection company to complete your inspection:
  1. How soon can the 4 point inspection be completed?
  2. Does the home inspection company use the Citizens 4 Point Inspection form?
  3. When is the report going to be delivered?
  4. How much does the 4 point inspection cost?
If the 4 point inspection cost is the deciding factor for your home inspection report you may be disappointed with the execution from that company. Remember you receive the quality of service that you pay for. Typical things that happen when choosing a home inspector solely on the cost of the services they provide:
  1. Poor Communication
  2. Incomplete inspection forms
  3. Lack of follow up when you reach out for corrections or updates
  4. Scheduling is delayed
  5. Reports being delivered are delayed
Summary The 4 Point inspection is a form that is completed by a home inspector that is used by the insurance company to determine the insurance eligibility for the building being inspected. The 4 point inspection cost averages $100 – 175 dollars.  Here is another article to learn more about what a 4 point inspection is. “What is a 4 Point Inspection?”. If you have additional questions and want to get in contact with GGR Home Inspections please send us a note, text, or call.

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