Why Won’t My Toilet Stop Running? 3 Possible Reasons

Why Won’t My Toilet Stop Running? 3 Possible Reasons

Why Won’t My Toilet Stop Running

A toilet that is constantly running is most likely wasting gallons of water and creating a higher-than-normal water bill for you. You have stopped at the right article to learn “why won’t my toilet stop running”.

There are 3 reasons that are the most common cause for a running toilet. They are:

  1. Broken or dirty flapper
  2. The flapper chain is too long or too short
  3. Between flushes, the flapper or float is out of position because of #2

Why Won’t My Toilet Stop Running: How to Fix

Before you begin the first step is to turn off the water supply to the toilet. The valve to shut off the supply is the single line in the rear of the toilet entering the wall. Turn the knob to the right until the water supply is off. Second, remove the lid from the tank to access the components.

Reason 1 – Flapper Chain – Ensure the chain is connected from the flush lever to the flapper correctly. If the chain is disconnected, then the quick fix is to reconnect the chain and test the lever for proper flushing operation. If the chain is connected, shake the lever to see if there is not enough slack or too much slack. Adjust as needed.

Reason 2 – Dirty or Broken Flapper – If the flapper is dirty, warped, or broken you may need to replace it. Drain the tank and then unhook the flapper from the chain. Take the flapper with you to the store to match the correct flapper. Sometimes a universal flapper may be a fit for your toilet.

Reason 3- Float out of Position – The water level in the tank is controlled by a float that is adjustable. When the float is installed too high or too low it impacts the flushing operation. Check the fill line to see if the water is reaching the line.

Adjust the float accordingly to ensure the water is reaching the fill line. Flush and re-check the fill line. On an older toilet, you may need to bend the brass rod that’s connected to the float. Newer toilets only require you to turn a screw or slide a clip along a rod. Sometimes, the fill valve (what the float connects to) won’t actually shut off and may be defective. In this case, you will need to buy a replacement valve.

Here is a video below that covers the points above.

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