Shop for a Home with these 4 Major Components in Mind

Shop for a Home with these 4 Major Components in Mind

When buying a home we are seeking a place we can call “home”. We want this place to be somewhere we are proud to live, bring our family and friends, and make tons of lifetime memories. For most buyers, the first purchase will be their final purchase and they will spend many years in that building. Buyers usually make their buying decision on the cosmetics of the home, functionality for their living arrangements, and how much they have to spend to make any repairs needed.

Well, all those things are very important seeing how a home is as much of an emotional purchase as it is a financial one. We all want to be happy when we reach that closing table. No matter the home, give these four components your attention as in most cases they are the most expensive to repair and can make your home unsafe or unstable if there as issues with any of them.

Let’s get started: Shop for a Home with these 4 Major Components in Mind

  1. The roof – the roof is there to protect the building, keeping moisture and pests out of the building. If the roof is beyond 50% of its life expectancy, depending on the material you will want to ensure you are considering the risk to the property and financial planning needed for replacement in the near future after your purchase.
  2. The plumbing – is the plumbing system outdated and if so is it in good condition? Are you getting a sewer scope? I recommend it. You don’t know what is inside of the pipes. If the current owners had children then there could be some surprises. If you have to make a repair, will there be extensive construction possibly needed because the piping is within the foundation of the building? Ask, how were the plumbing system installed(where are the pipes) and the type of material.
  3. The electrical system – if this is an older home then you may have outdated electrical and wiring. Ask; a home inspector will describe the electrical system and its condition but what if everything was satisfactory that day but later your single-strand aluminum wiring has an issue and the home has to be rewired.
  4. The HVAC system – there have been many times when the system works and everyone is thinking everything seems okay until the inspector sticks their head into the attic to find out that the duct system has deteriorated. HVAC systems condensate, depending on the location you may need to protect your home from a possible leak if the system failed. Systems that are on the second floor need leak protection. What is the age of the system and how has it been cared for? Can it last the expected life cycle?

To make major repairs or replacements to any of the above systems are not cheap and hard to work around because any of these systems impact the building in a manner where if they are not functioning correctly it could lead to additional issues.

So what should you do? Shop for a Home with these 4 Major Components in Mind;

As a buyer, understand what your financial situation can afford if issues should arise and for maintenance of the property. Ask questions about these major systems and seek to understand their current condition and expected life expectancy so you can plan accordingly. I want buyers to get the right home in the right condition that matches their expectations and their wallet.

Shop for a home: Depending on the area you are shopping in there will be other factors to consider with each of these components. This is a high-level summary to get you thinking about those major components and how they impact your deal.  Homebuyers checklist. 

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