Do Cast Iron Pipes Fail 4 Point Inspections?

Do Cast Iron Pipes Fail 4 Point Inspections?

The homes in South Florida typical seem to be younger than other areas in Florida, 31 years on average to be exact. So in most cases, you may not have a home that has cast iron pipes in the plumbing system. A question I often get is “Do Cast Iron Pipes Fail 4 Pt Inspections?” The short answer is No. Cast iron pipes are an old piping system that is no longer used in modern homes today but insurance companies understand that if your home is prior to 1975, your home most likely has cast iron pipes if the plumbing system hasn’t been updated.

Do Cast Iron Pipes Fail 4 Point Inspections?

Every insurance company will vary in its requirements for deciding whether to insure a property or not. The home inspector that completes your home will annotate the type of plumbing system installed on the building when they conduct their 4 point inspection. Ultimately no matter what the inspector reports it is the underwriter for your insurance company that will make the decision on whether to insure the property or not. If you have an insurance company that you know you want to use, then it may be best to find out their underwriting guidelines prior to purchasing a property with cast iron piping.

How do you know if your pipes are cast iron? Cast iron pipes are recognized by their black finish and the bulge at each of each pipe section, called a “hub”, that the adjacent pipe fits into. If the cast iron pipes are old enough they will have more of a rust appearance. When we visit home to conduct a home inspection or 4 point inspection, there are some places that we tend to find the pipes if they are not easily visible.

  1. The plumbing vents on the roof.
  2. The drain pipes for the tub or shower, lift the plates to see the types of pipes. – keep in mind that we have seen homeowners that have to change a few feet to PVC and then it changes over to cast iron underground. A sewer scope can help discover this, the home inspector unless he is using a sewer scope that is beyond the scope of the normal inspection will not discover what’s underground.
  3. The attic where the pipes are visible before extending through the roof.
  4. The crawl space if the house has one.

Summary – Do Cast Iron Pipes fail 4 Point Inspections? – No but that does not guarantee insurability.

At some point, some cast iron sewer pipes may need to be replaced at some point in their life cycle. Budget accordingly if your home has them. As for insurance, there are plenty of homes with cast iron pipes that are insured throughout Florida. Your carrier options and premiums may vary but they are typically insurable.

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