How to Size the Air Conditioner Breaker. Direct explanation.

Sizing the Air Conditioner Circuit Breaker

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Do you know if your air conditioner breaker is the right size? In Florida, we have inspections for insurance that can be conducted with home inspections and stand-alone requests. Inspectors have to provide pictures of the exterior of the panel as well as the interior of the electrical panel.

One of the standard things a home inspectors look at while inspecting the electrical is the wire size of the air conditioner circuit breaker. The home inspector wants to ensure that a wire is not too small for a circuit breaker because this is a potential fire hazard.

The air conditioner circuit breakers protect the wires from overheating. There is an extensive formula for figuring this out but most home inspectors with use a simplified version for the branch circuits in the electrical panel such as the one below.

How to Size the Air Conditioner Breaker. Direct explanation. 1

Another reference for you is table 310.15(B) (16) in the National Electric Code. There are still exceptions and one place where the rules for circuit breakers/fuses don’t apply is for air conditioning and heat pump circuits. Check out this video below on air conditioner circuit breakers and wires. 

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